Different ways to stylise your scarves!

You know how you see gorgeous scarves or shawls in a store and you know you have to buy them but once they’re there you don’t really know how to wear them to work with your outfit. Well, it is time to bring out those scarves from the very back of your closet because I am going to tell you a few new and different ways to stylise those scarves.


This is a simple look that can work in any season! All you have to do is take your scarf and wrap it loosely around your neck and tie two small knots on the two ends.

During the winters, its a great way to wear your mufflers. It looks super cozy and cute especially if a brighter colour is used to bring life to your normally dark coats and blazers.


Not only that, its also an adorable way to add a little flair to your summer outfit! Great for a day out to the park or beach.



This is one of my favourite ways of styling my scarves! It not only spices up your get-up but also saves some bucks on the belts ūüėČ

You just simply have to take your scarf through from where you take your belt and that’s about it.

I remember doing this the last time I went to my friend’s party down a shack near the beach. It looked super chic with my white¬†Zara¬†shorts and I got the scarf from a market at the beach only!


You can also tie the belt around a dress to give it a decorative look. This black and white scarf was a great way to style the otherwise plain black dress.

scarf-belt (1)

Other than this, what you can do is wear a cute thin belt over your dress or shirt, put the scarf hanging from around your neck and put its too lose ends through the belt to give a very Seventeen Magazine look!

It will look something like this:



This is an extremely lovable look which is very simple to pull off. All you have to do is take a shorter scarf and wrap it from the scalp behind your neck to the top and tie it neatly. If the scarf is long, don’t worry, all you have to do is wrap it around twice this way your knot goes at the back of your neck.

Its perfect for protecting your hair from the wind so make sure you try this next time you go out on a windy day. And it also utilises the thinner and lighter scarves.

Its a very vintage look and works perfectly with some 80’s accessories like these round glasses and red lipstick.


It can also be tied in a girly little bow. Just make sure the bow is not too small nor too big.

Different-Scarf-Headband-Formation headband scarf

Also, to change it up a bit, you can twist your scarves together in a rope-like manner and get a really lovely headband like this:


Paris Hilton and Blake Lively rocking the scarf headbands!

scarf-headband paris-hilton-scarf-headband

So these were three basic methods of accessorising your scarves. Make sure to check out these 15 simple methods as well:



Aisha & Cyra


Printed Pants Love!

We’re¬†sooo¬†in love with the printed pants trend these days! I mean there’s so much you can try with this look. So today we’re gonna show you guys different ways you can pull this off!

Floral Printed Pants

first of all, here’s a collage we made for you guys, so you can clearly the different types of floral pants in the market. They look great in every season, and we’re sure after you read this you will pull this look of really well. it’s good to use pastel colours with floral pants if you want to create a girly effect.


However, if you want to create a casual look, you can pair your floral pants with a casual grey tee, like Miranda Kerr in the photo:


The accessories we would pair with floral pants would be in nude colours like in the photo below. A chic watch or bracelet will help complete your look!


For a more bold look, you can pair a bold floral print with a grey shirt and a black blazer like this:


Striped Pants

So this is the classic black & white vertical striped pants.¬†There are many ways to style these. The following picture that we’ve put together shows three¬†different¬†ways in which you can wear these:


The first one is a fancy bell bottom, good for a formal outing or for work.

Second one exhibits a nonchalant rolled up look with a white top and leather jacket.

And the third is the casual skinny that works with just about anything!


The thinner striped ones look super cool with a punk rock look!! Put on some nice shades and a funky coloured beanie to complete the look.


To add a little spice in the otherwise black and white façade, wear a coloured jacket or other accessories!

We like how this beige leather jacket looks. (Don’t miss the groovy hat!)


Camo Pants

Everyone’s favourite pants these days, and ours too, are camo pants! ¬†They look super cool and can be pulled off really easily. If you want a rock chic look for your camo pants, pair them with a leather jacket and shades, or even a grey tee. Here are photos of the look you want:

camo 2


On the other hand, since camo pants are sooo versatile, you can even use them for a more girly look. For example, they would look great with a pastel blazer, or even a cute sweater! Check out these photos and see how:




Hope this post helped you guys! We’ll be covering more types of printed pants later so follow us at http://www.glitterguide.wordpress.com


Aisha and Cyra

The Perfect Red Lipstick ‚ô°‚ô°‚ô°

Well, my search for the perfect red lipstick is finally over. And it’s a tie. I love both MAC’s Ruby Woo, and MAC’s Russian Red. And here’s why:

Russian Red

This lipstick can only be described in one word: Perfect. I love this lippy with all my soul and i use it almost everyday. My Bestie Cyra got this for me last October for my birthday and i have to admit I have yet to receive a more useful birthday present. Which goes to show if you guys are fretting about what to get one of your girlfriends for their birthday get this NOW!

This lipstick is perfect for every occasion. This looks ¬†great on every skin tone! This is an amazing colour that will flatter anyone due to the blue undertones (which make your teeth look whiter) However, I did find the lipstick to be a bit dry (though not as much as ruby woo, which I’ll explain in length later) , which is something common in red lipsticks. I have naturally quite dry chapped lips, so as long as you remember a really good lip balm and a lip scrub before you apply this, it will last all day! This is a classic, which every girl should have. The texture is creamy and thick and only one swipe upon the lips is needed for full coverage!

Here’s a photo:

ruby woo

Ruby Woo

The thing about Ruby Woo is it is a¬†beautiful, beautiful¬†colour but SO DRY.¬†You need to be an expert at applying lipstick to get this lipstick on properly. However, I still love it, only because it is so dramatic and always creates the result I want. It’s really pigmented and dry, but once you apply it, it’s worth the struggle. I mean, it¬†is¬† a matte lipstick, so you kinda have to deal with it. For people who have trouble applying it try applying it with a lip brush. That is easier. Also, after a few wears, this lipstick becomes easier to apply.

Here’s a photo:


Hope this helped!