How to: Chevron Nails

I just love love love the chevron nail trend that is so in today. And though i’m really tired after a hard day of work, I’m still gonna show you guys how you can pull off this look.

First of all, I’ve got for you guys this really great tutorial:



And now, I’ll show you guys some variations you can try. First of all, there’s the one nail chevron. I’ve done this on my nails many times and it looks great! You guys can try it with one nail chevron, one nail glitter, and the others in one colour like this:


There are many variations for this, and if you want a more understated look you can try it like this:






A colour combo I really love is the one in the photo below. I got this done in Hawaii when I went there for a holiday with my ex and I can tell you, it looked FAB:


If  you’re going for a more grungy look, you can go for something darker. Grey and black like in the photo looks so sexy:



Lastly I have for you guys another tutorial. This is a less common variation of the chevron trend nail, and though this is as yet comparatively less discovered it still looks super trendy!




Have a great day, and I hope this helped.