Mac’s Let’s Skate: Product Review


This shade had really great pigmentation–it was fully opaque on the lid, and it didn’t need to be built up in endless layers either. It wasn’t the most flattering when it dried down on my lid, but from a normal viewing distance, it didn’t create noticeable crepiness. I didn’t experience any fall out with this shade, which was definitely a happy surprise! It had a creamy, blendable consistency that dried down just slightly longer than a cream/matte Paint Pot but not so long that it had time to gather in the creases and settle there. After twelve hours, there were no signs of creasing or fading.


I love MAC paint pots, and after asking the girl working at the store what she was wearing on her eyes, she told me she had decided on a more natural look today and that she had used this. So I bought it thinking I could use it everyday. Well, I can use this everyday, however I find it very glittery. A lot more than I expected. I am not sure if it’s just the color when it’s applied or what. I like it, but I don’t love it like I expected. It appears baby pink and when it is applied it seems to look almost white, and very glittery. I will try maybe mixing this with another color, or just buying a different color next time!

 Hope this helped!




Our most used make-up products!

So, today I thought I’d tell you guys our most used make-up products. This way, you guys will know what type of make-up we at glitterguide love to use! These are my current favourites; products that I use for both day and night wear, that can be kept natural, or built on for a more dramatic look.

1) Mac Frankly Scarlet Blush


love love love this product. Probably Mac’s best product.

This blush may look frightening in the pan, but if you know how to apply it, it is beautiful. It is a very intense bright red with a slight pink color to it. All you need is one light swipe with your blush brush to get a pretty flushed, doll-like look– applying any more than that and it can look extremely garish and unnatural on your skin. (Like you took strawberries and smeared them on your cheeks! lol) Less is definitely more with this blush. Because of this, I doubt I will ever run out of it and need to purchase more, so this is an excellent buy! The best part is that you can apply it to build the color up to your liking. At first it can be pretty intimidating to wear such a bright red but really the results can range from subtle to dramatic and not in the best way either! Oh and the matte finish is amazing I like it but I won’t be repurchasing because even though I’ve had mine for nearly two years it still looks brand new.

2) Soap and Glory One Heck of A Blot


Best translucent powder I’ve tried. It’s mattifying, without making the skin look dull or loaded with powder. I use it over my nose, forehead and chin, and it keeps my skin looking oil-free all day. It takes away shine, doesn’t look cakey and gives my makeup a more expensive look. I adore the packaging too which is pretty and fits into my little black clutch for nights out.

3) Maybelline liquid liner in black



This is my favorite liquid eyeliner. I love the sponge tip and it goes on smoothly and easily. This liner also lasts me through out the day. It is honestly one of the best liquid liners I have used. I’ve tried everything- from MAC, Lancome, to Wet’n’wild, and this one is the best out of all of them. It is a felt tip so it is easier to control with detail as opposed to a brush tip. It’s a nice inky black with a nice, not too slippery or thick consistency. I would recommend this 10/10.

4) Mac Lady Danger Lipstick


Lady Danger is definitely my favorite red lipstick of all time! Keep in mind I love bright lipsticks like Candy Yum Yum, Saint Germain, Morange and Viva Glam Nicki. On my lips it looks like a bright true red. I don’t have to put concealer on my lips with this lipstick because the pigment in my lips help to sort of cancel out the orange tone yet keep it bright. It lasted all day and isn’t as drying as Ruby Woo.

5) Urban Decay Naked Palette

mac 4

My absolute go to eyeshadows! Lovely natural looking hues an really complimentary. There is something for everyone in this palette. It’s pricey yes but totally worth it and lasts forever! I’ve been using this everyday since two years and I’ve hit pan on half backed and smog which is to say they are my favourite 2 shades in the palette. I have already bought the full size individual pots for these 2! I use half baked as a lid colour, then smog on the outer thirds. Then darkhorse on the outer V if I want to deepen the look. These 3 shades compliment each other so well. I’ve recently started using the 2 matte shades, naked and buck for work day looks and I love how natural and clean my eye make up looks! I love to dip my brush into half baked mixed with naked so there is a bit of shimmer for all over the lid, and the same with smog when using buck on the outer thirds. I love all the shades, but the ones I’ve mentioned are the ones I use on a regular basis. When I run out of these shades I think I will buy the individual pots and make my own palette using their empty palette cases. I own the UD Nake Palette 2 as well, but as the shades are more cooler, I don’t find them working well for my skin tone. Or I haven’t experimented enough with it. If I had known, I would not purchase the 2 palette and stick with the original only.


That’s all for today guys.

Hope this helped!



The Perfect Red Lipstick ♡♡♡

Well, my search for the perfect red lipstick is finally over. And it’s a tie. I love both MAC’s Ruby Woo, and MAC’s Russian Red. And here’s why:

Russian Red

This lipstick can only be described in one word: Perfect. I love this lippy with all my soul and i use it almost everyday. My Bestie Cyra got this for me last October for my birthday and i have to admit I have yet to receive a more useful birthday present. Which goes to show if you guys are fretting about what to get one of your girlfriends for their birthday get this NOW!

This lipstick is perfect for every occasion. This looks  great on every skin tone! This is an amazing colour that will flatter anyone due to the blue undertones (which make your teeth look whiter) However, I did find the lipstick to be a bit dry (though not as much as ruby woo, which I’ll explain in length later) , which is something common in red lipsticks. I have naturally quite dry chapped lips, so as long as you remember a really good lip balm and a lip scrub before you apply this, it will last all day! This is a classic, which every girl should have. The texture is creamy and thick and only one swipe upon the lips is needed for full coverage!

Here’s a photo:

ruby woo

Ruby Woo

The thing about Ruby Woo is it is a beautiful, beautiful colour but SO DRY. You need to be an expert at applying lipstick to get this lipstick on properly. However, I still love it, only because it is so dramatic and always creates the result I want. It’s really pigmented and dry, but once you apply it, it’s worth the struggle. I mean, it is  a matte lipstick, so you kinda have to deal with it. For people who have trouble applying it try applying it with a lip brush. That is easier. Also, after a few wears, this lipstick becomes easier to apply.

Here’s a photo:


Hope this helped!



Product review: Mac Matte Bamboo Eyeshadow

On my holiday to London this summer I got a new shade of eyeshadow from Mac. When I walked into selfridges what I really wanted for my eye was a soft yet sculpted look. I love to use a neutral palette on my eyes since I have a medium fair shade of skin and my eye colour is black. I saw this colour and knew it was just perfect. I discussed it with the girl who was helping me out, and she said that this would be great to blend colours in my crease. Boy was she right! This is now my most used make up product. It’s a light warm brown matte shade with a peachy undertone which is very versatile. Sometimes I just use it for my crease alone, and that looks great too! Here’s a photo:


Bamboo seems to be a bit of an unsung hero in the realm of Mac eye shadows; however, for those of you with extremely fair skin or slightly darker asian skin like mine, it’s a great option for a warm eye without running too orange or red. I use the word peachy beige to describe the colour because it’s just a little softer than your typical brown shadow, but don’t get me wrong, it still has impact.

It adds warmth and dimension to my eye and I will be sure to purchase it again!