Chanel Collection Superstition For FALL 2013

If any of you have visited a chanel make-up counter recently, you may have seen their new fall make-up collection. The collection is called ‘superstition’. The Chanel Superstition collection is named for Coco Chanel’s own love of good luck charms and her own superstitious leanings. Gabrielle Chanel was a firm believer in luck, and surrounded herself with her favorite talismans and charms.  A firm believer in luck, Gabrielle Chanel surrounded herself with her favorite charms and talismans, as much for good fortune as for inspiration. The symbols that warded off superstitious fears now serve as silent muses for an enchanting Fall makeup collection. Sumptuous khaki tones are set off by new ‘lucky charm’ duos: entrancing, shade-matched pairs for cheeks and lips.

chanel 3



I got to play around with some of the makeup, and as always, I am in love! CHANEL makeup never seems to disappoint! Their products are such high quality and totally worth the splurge! Here’s my take:


The LES 4 OMBRES MYSTÈRE quad is gorgeous! It has both muted and slightly shimmered shades that can be used in many different combinations. The black shade (top left) has a gorgeous undertone of golden sparkle, as does the golden ivory next to it. The colours above include two shades of Khaki and are lovely. As with all Chanel Eye shadows, they are super high quality, highly pigmented and there is no fall out, so you don’t waste a single speckle!



This innovative formula offers an enticing new way to blush. Simple to apply with fingertips or a brush, the powder-cream colour features sheer yet vibrant pigments for instant luminosity. The silky texture offers a long- wear satin finish, both soft and comfortable for every skin type. Mix and match the eight versatile shades, use as primer to enhance the wear of another blush or powder, or pair seamlessly with a complementary lip colour for a mesmerizing match.

I’m a big fan of cream blush, so I was happy to see that this collection from CHANEL had some lovely cream blushers. I got to play with Presage, an apricot, almost peachy shade. The texture is soft and not as creamy as you’d expect. It almost turns to a powder finish on the skin and blends beautifully.The case of the blusher is a lot more compact than the standard CHANEL blush compacts, and comes in six shades. Destiny (intense beige), Presage (apricot), Revelation (coral pink), Inspiration (soft blush pink), Affinite (intense blush pink) and Fantastic (burgundy).

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Mac’s Let’s Skate: Product Review


This shade had really great pigmentation–it was fully opaque on the lid, and it didn’t need to be built up in endless layers either. It wasn’t the most flattering when it dried down on my lid, but from a normal viewing distance, it didn’t create noticeable crepiness. I didn’t experience any fall out with this shade, which was definitely a happy surprise! It had a creamy, blendable consistency that dried down just slightly longer than a cream/matte Paint Pot but not so long that it had time to gather in the creases and settle there. After twelve hours, there were no signs of creasing or fading.


I love MAC paint pots, and after asking the girl working at the store what she was wearing on her eyes, she told me she had decided on a more natural look today and that she had used this. So I bought it thinking I could use it everyday. Well, I can use this everyday, however I find it very glittery. A lot more than I expected. I am not sure if it’s just the color when it’s applied or what. I like it, but I don’t love it like I expected. It appears baby pink and when it is applied it seems to look almost white, and very glittery. I will try maybe mixing this with another color, or just buying a different color next time!

 Hope this helped!



How to: shape your eyebrows in 8 easy steps!

Most people say eyebrows are the frame of the face, but let me tell you: now is the time of full-browed ladies like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins, now, more than ever, brows need to be in tip top shape.

So, here’s how:


First things first: clean up any stray hairs between your brows, or intolerably below your natural brow line. Avoid the super-magnifying mirror, though—we tend to overdo it when we can’t see the big picture. Pro Tip: Tweezerman’s slanted tweezer never lets us down.


Tweezerman Pink Perfection Slant Tweezer, $22, Sephora


Next, brush your brows up and out with a spool brush, to see your natural shape and which areas need to be filled in. This item pulls double duty, but any clean mascara brush does the trick.


Anastasia Mini Duo Angled/Spooley 7, $18, Sephora


Now, the hard part: Filling in your brows. To find the right shape, take an eyebrow or eyeliner pencil that’ll leave a mark, but is easily removable. Mark the spot where the pencil hits when your brows intersect it with each of the following places: The sides of your nose, your pupils, and the outer corners of your eyes.

Then, take an eyebrow pencil and fill your brows in using light strokes, with the points as guidelines. We love Benefit’s Instant Brow because it’s super soft and waxy, so looks natural without making us press so hard we take out real hairs (it’s happened). Brush through with the spool brush to make it even more convincing.


Benefit Instant Brow Pencil, $20, Sephora


If you’re searching for a perfect color match, you can opt for the powder option. These are great for when you just want to darken your brows or fill in sparse areas without creating an entirely new shape (this one’s for you, blondes), and Urban Decay’s Brow Box comes equipped for everything.



Urban Decay Brow Box, $29, Sephora


An angled brush is best for powder application, and we love the slightly flexible synthetic fibers in this one. Natural fibers are usually more stiff, if that’s what you’re looking for.


Benefit Hard Angle/Definer Brush, $20, Ulta


Wax pencils are a great option to keep everything in place if you’ve got thick, unruly brows, although we like to rub it on with our finger for a slightly more natural look.



Anastasia Brow Fix, $21,


Clear mascara is a cheap alternative to wax, and has almost the same effect. Plus, the mascara wand makes for easy application.


Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara for Lash and Brow, $4.79,


Finish off with a highlighter either right underneath or above your arch—either helps to brighten and open up your eyes. This is one step that we tend to skip but know we shouldn’t, because it makes a surprisingly big difference. If you don’t want to spring for a separate pencil, light pink or bone white eyeshadow has the same effect.


Benefit High Brow, $20, Sephora


That’s about it guys.

Hope this helps!


Aisha and Cyra

The Perfect Red Lipstick ♡♡♡

Well, my search for the perfect red lipstick is finally over. And it’s a tie. I love both MAC’s Ruby Woo, and MAC’s Russian Red. And here’s why:

Russian Red

This lipstick can only be described in one word: Perfect. I love this lippy with all my soul and i use it almost everyday. My Bestie Cyra got this for me last October for my birthday and i have to admit I have yet to receive a more useful birthday present. Which goes to show if you guys are fretting about what to get one of your girlfriends for their birthday get this NOW!

This lipstick is perfect for every occasion. This looks  great on every skin tone! This is an amazing colour that will flatter anyone due to the blue undertones (which make your teeth look whiter) However, I did find the lipstick to be a bit dry (though not as much as ruby woo, which I’ll explain in length later) , which is something common in red lipsticks. I have naturally quite dry chapped lips, so as long as you remember a really good lip balm and a lip scrub before you apply this, it will last all day! This is a classic, which every girl should have. The texture is creamy and thick and only one swipe upon the lips is needed for full coverage!

Here’s a photo:

ruby woo

Ruby Woo

The thing about Ruby Woo is it is a beautiful, beautiful colour but SO DRY. You need to be an expert at applying lipstick to get this lipstick on properly. However, I still love it, only because it is so dramatic and always creates the result I want. It’s really pigmented and dry, but once you apply it, it’s worth the struggle. I mean, it is  a matte lipstick, so you kinda have to deal with it. For people who have trouble applying it try applying it with a lip brush. That is easier. Also, after a few wears, this lipstick becomes easier to apply.

Here’s a photo:


Hope this helped!



Product review: Mac Matte Bamboo Eyeshadow

On my holiday to London this summer I got a new shade of eyeshadow from Mac. When I walked into selfridges what I really wanted for my eye was a soft yet sculpted look. I love to use a neutral palette on my eyes since I have a medium fair shade of skin and my eye colour is black. I saw this colour and knew it was just perfect. I discussed it with the girl who was helping me out, and she said that this would be great to blend colours in my crease. Boy was she right! This is now my most used make up product. It’s a light warm brown matte shade with a peachy undertone which is very versatile. Sometimes I just use it for my crease alone, and that looks great too! Here’s a photo:


Bamboo seems to be a bit of an unsung hero in the realm of Mac eye shadows; however, for those of you with extremely fair skin or slightly darker asian skin like mine, it’s a great option for a warm eye without running too orange or red. I use the word peachy beige to describe the colour because it’s just a little softer than your typical brown shadow, but don’t get me wrong, it still has impact.

It adds warmth and dimension to my eye and I will be sure to purchase it again!