Tom Ford’s Eye Defining Pen Pencil Review

Tom Ford finally released a liquid eyeliner, and it is flat out phenomenal. The Eye Defining Pen in Deeper, $55 USD, is a dual-ended eyeliner pen with one of the richest, satin-matte black formulas I have ever encountered. I was hesitant at first since it is not a waterproof formula, which is best for my hooded almond eyes, but my expectations were far exceeded at first swipe.
 The calligraphy brush is amazing; it makes applying liquid eyeliner a breeze, and you can achieve such thin, precise lines with hardly any pressure. The brush is nicely saturated, so it doesn’t skip or drag while applying, so you can get crisp, opaque line. The calligraphy brush is capable of thicker lines, but it excels at the thin lines in particular.  The formula is very wet, and it takes a few seconds to dry down and set.
However, at $55, this bad boy requires serious beauty budget wiggle room. But oh my God does this thing work! A dual-tipped pen with a long flexible nib on one end and a shorter precision tip on the other, it downright delivers. Both tips draw preternaturally smooth, jet-black lines in a single pass, better than anything else I’ve ever used! Tom Ford obviously doesn’t give a darn about breaking budgets, and Deeper is far from cost-effective, but at least it delivers top-notch results. If you crave high-end makeup and value long-wearing, black-as-night liners that also look phenomenal, Deeper is as delicious as a good pecan pie.
Hope this helped!